van der Valk, Paul

Amsterdam | Netherlands

van der Valk, Paul

Amsterdam | Netherlands
Name: Paul van der Valk MD, PhD
Affiliation: Department of Pathology
Chair Clinical Pathology
Vumc School of Medical Sciences

Paul van der Valk is a pathologist (since 1990) with diverse interests, including neuropathology, ophthalmic pathology and endocrine pathology. He became a professor in Pathology in 1995 and at that time started his own research line on the pathology of Multiple Sclerosis at the Amsterdam UMC, location Vrije Universiteit medical centre. The research centres on the role in MS of glial cells,  and the interactions of these cells with each other and with immune cells. One of the main technical lines in his research has focused on correlating MR Imaging with histopathology and during this work his research group described  the so-called “pre-active” MS lesion, the first visible lesion in the brain of MS-patients. This led to more studies on microglial cells and the role of innate immunity in MS, research still ongoing.

Apart from diagnostic work and research he likes teaching, and, on a lighter side,  all kinds of music, film and good food and wine

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17 Lug 2019
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