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Preliminary Scientific Program

TUESDAY JULY 16, 2019 – DAY 1

Morning Session – Technology

Chairs: Sandra Amor (Netherlands) and Hugh Willison (UK)

09:30-10:00: Welcome & Coffee (Sandra Amor, Netherlands)
10:00-11:30: Multiple sclerosis:  clinical introduction and therapy (Brigit de Jong, Netherlands)
11:30-12:15: Human Brain Tissue for Research (Inge Huitinga, Netherlands)

12:15-13:00: Lunch Break

Afternoon Session – Technology

Chairs: Jeffrey Bajramovic (Netherlands) and Nicola Woodroofe (UK)

13:00-14:00: Tracking neuroinflammation in the living human brain (Alessandro Colasanti, UK)
14:00-15:00: Epigenetic regulation of microglia phenotypes (Bart J. L. Eggen, Netherlands)

15:00-15:30: Coffee Break

15:30-16:30: In vivo microscopy approaches to CNS inflammation (Martin Kerschensteiner, Germany)
16:30-17:30: Historical People and Landmarks in Neuroimmunology – students


Morning Session – Immunology

Chairs: Gianvito Martino (Italy) and Monica Bardl (Austria)

09:00-10:00: Pecha Kucha – Student Presentations
10:00-11:00: The expert GBS patient (Hugh Willison, UK)

11:00-11:15: Coffee Break

11:15-12:15: Neuroimmunology in psychiatric disease: diagnostic problems (David Brown, Australia)

12:15-13:00: Lunch Break

Afternoon Session – Immunology

Chairs: Paul van der Valk (Netherlands) and David Brown (Australia)

13:00-14:00: “Microglia and T cells get ready to tango” (Yvette van Kooyk, Netherlands)
14:00-15:00: Modulation of immune responses during pregnancy in multiple sclerosis (Manuel Friese, Germany)

15:00-15:30: Coffee Break

15:30-17:30: Critical appraisal of neuroimmunological papers (David Baker, UK and Nicola Woodroofe, UK)
17:30-18:30: Historical People and Landmarks in Neuroimmunology – students

THURSDAY JULY 18, 2019 – DAY 3

Morning Session – Neurology

Chairs: Pilar Martinez (Netherlands) and Brigit de Jong (Netherlands)

09:00-10:00: Pecha Kucha – Student Presentations
10:00-10:45: “The expert MG patient” (Jan Verschuuren, Netherlands)

10:45-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-11:45: Lymphatic drainage of the brain. Is there a “glymphatic” system? (Roy Weller, UK)
11:45-12:30: How do astrocytes contribute to myelination? (Lynette Foo, Switzerland)

12:30-13:15: Lunch Break

Afternoon Session – Neurology

13:15-17:30: Pathology – practical session (Sandra AmorJan van HorssenPaul van der Valk, Netherlands)

Chairs: Erik Nutma (Netherlands) and Gianvito Martino (Italy)

17:30-18:30: Historical People and Landmarks in Neuroimmunology – students

20th ESNI Party!!

FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019 – DAY 4

Morning Session – Therapies

Chairs: Jack van Horssen (Netherlands) and Trevor Owens (Denmark)

09:00-10:00: Pecha Kucha – Student Presentations
10:00-10:45: Neural stem cells in neuroimmunology: from brain homesotasis to therapy (Gianvito Martino, Italy)

10:45-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-11:45: Immunotherapies for multiple sclerosis, how do they really work (David Baker, UK)
11:45-12:30: Pharma and Proud – an insight to pharma (Nicole Farmer)

12:30-13:00: Lunch Break

Afternoon Session – Therapies

Chairs: David Baker (UK) and Sandra Amor (Netherlands)

13:00-13:45: How to develop your own CNS drug (Hans van Noort, Netherlands)

13:45-15:15: DEBATE (Nicola Woodroofe, UK and Trevor Owens, Denmark)

15:15-15:45: Coffee Break

15:30-17:00: Prizes and summing up (ESNI Committee)